About Us

BLOCKBR is a fintech specialized in tokenization and infrastructure for investments in digital assets that was born with the
culture and the Web 3.0 mindset.

Our mission is to pursue a direct relationship with our customers, with maximum efficiency and compliance in the industry. In this way, we bet on decentralization, speed, veracity, and immutability of data to reduce costs and ensure more efficiency without intermediaries in financial processes.

With a multidisciplinary team grounded in legal, financial, commercial and technological areas, we at BlockBR not only want to digitize financial assets, but also transform physical assets into innovative and profitable businesses through tokens.

The goal is to create financial products for the market in a decentralized way, increasing liquidity and democratizing supply.

BlockBR: Who we are

BlockBR tokenizes end-to-end, from simple deals for funding or receivables to super-structured products for secondary market offerings in Brazil, Switzerland and the UAE.

Our mission

It means transforming people’s financial reality through tokenization and digital assets, making the relationship and knowledge of financial products simpler, healthier and more transparent.

Our vision

In the same way that e-commerce has consolidated itself as a safe and efficient alternative for consumers to make their purchases in the last 10 years, tokens will play the same role in the future in relation to investments and payment diversity.

Becoming one of the most respected digital asset fintechs in the country and close to regulatory bodies, understanding risks and offering innovative financial products as investments, is our reality.

Our values

They make us 100% digital. We understand that technology gives people the control and power they need to move efficiently. We believe in work based on coherence between what is said and what is done, therefore, we seek to deeply understand, objectively and rationally, the universe and the reality of the market and our customers.