BLOCKBR is a fintech specialized in building infrastructure that allows for a simplified migration to tokenization that meets the needs of a highly regulated environment.


Our main mission is to empower the capital market so that it can move, grow and potentially access digital assets.We develop legal and technological solutions that create opportunities and simplify the way financial services will operate, from the structuring and new roles of the agents involved to the management and provision of these assets, generating efficiency, lower costs and greater liquidity.


We envision a future where blockchain technology is widely adopted and tokenization with decentralized finance becomes the norm. We strive to be at the forefront of this movement, leading the way in providing tokenization and digital asset services. Through our vision, we aim to promote a larger and more autonomous financial ecosystem.

Visão da BLOCKBR


Valores da BLOCKBR
  • Obsessed with respect and discipline
  • Great minds don't think alike
  • Build and win with heart
  • Legal stability builds a safe market and assets for trading
  • Don't reinvent the wheel, just make it spin faster
  • Do the right thing

Our History

Nascimento da ideia BLOCKBR - 2020
Nasce a BLOCKBR - 2021
Aportes de investidores e criação de sandbox - 2022
Desenvolvimento BBR Station e BBR Management - 2023


The idea for BLOCKBR was born in 2020, during the pandemic. Imagining that many cryptocurrencies would not be sustainable in the market or due to the lack of backing and operations behind the asset, we began to imagine that companies would have their own digital asset and this could be a new way for a company to access credit. Since then, our DNA of reimagining and reinventing the financial market has remained.

BLOCKBR is born, with the model of tokenizing receivables and also real assets called structured and super structured tokens. In our first year, we transformed some pilot receivable projects (structured tokens) and began to build a technology base similar to a marketplace for testing adherence to private offerings for institutions and individuals.

BLOCKBR receives investment from strategic investors, brings three major law firms to the board and carries out the first structuring operation of a real estate asset. An ecosystem is created with 46 companies including banks, funds, multinational companies in Brazil and liquidity providers in Europe. It creates its own sandbox with the objective of advancing privately and without market barriers, structuring different types of assets, testing the viability, legal and operational structure of each one understanding its solution. The company defines where the best opportunity is and prepares for the market opening by regulatory bodies.

A technology base called BBR Station is developed, the full station tokenization solution for originators, financial product structurers and investors. One station, which provides the migration of assets to the digital economy connecting multiple B2B distribution channels for trading tokenized assets. BBR Management is also developed, an exclusive management and token recommendation panel for offices, investment advisors and managers giving greater freedom, autonomy and liquidity. The first 20 advisory firms connect with BLOCKBR.

We are BLOCKBR.We make it happen.We are relentless in our mission.

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