An ecosystem of autonomy! Blockchain-based software for issuing, managing, and trading tokenized assets

Infraestrutura de tokenização BLOCKBR - BBR Station

The BBR Station is a One-Stop-Shop infrastructure that streamlines the issuance, management, and trading of tokens and tokenized assets. It works by facilitating the structuring and creating an issuance pipeline that integrates the source and origin of assets, simplifying the entire processing and management of intermediaries.

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Designed for institutions, scaled for multitasking. Adjustable volumes, allowing to meet the unique needs of operations.

Workflow and tools to communicate with investors and facilitate a complete process. Execute contracts electronically, upload documents for due diligence and structuring, confirm and allocate orders.


Structure assets in a simplified way by migrating to a platform with native integrations in blockchain (EVM) and explore liquidity in its wake.

  • Originator dashboard with integration for issuers.
  • Process automation for tokenization, legal compliance, structures, banking servicing.
  • Dashboard for structuring smart contracts.
  • Credit management and reduction of intermediations.
  • KYC/AML integration.
  • 2FA security and other layers with authentication to block fraud.
  • Backoffice for managing wallets and operations.
  • Banking API for operations.
  • Documentation and electronic signatures.
BBR Station - Origination


  • Clientes BLOCKBR: Rio Bravo
  • Clientes BLOCKBR: Limine
  • Clientes BLOCKBR: Seedz

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