Tokenization and Origination of Financial Assets

Tokenização e originação de Ativos Financeiros: Dashboard BLOCKBR

We accompany all the necessary steps for a safe transition of assets to the digital version.Leverage the power of tokenization in the financial sector to increase liquidity, simplify operations, expand market access, and explore the vast potential of the digital economy.

Tokenize Financial Assets

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Tokenize Your Financial Assets

Tokenize assets representing financial credit securities with guarantees and backing, utilizing the full tokenization infrastructure for the financial market that BlockBR offers.

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First we need to answer the fundamental question: what does token mean? In short, it is a digital representation of a real asset, that is, one that exists in the physical world.Basically, it is a blockchain-based technology capable of digitizing different goods and assets into “small parts” to facilitate their negotiation on the web.Each token is governed by a smart contract, which will determine the specific rules for the operation of the digitized asset. In addition, those that involve securities, such as shares, need to be regulated by competent public bodies.

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