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Through our legal and technological expertise, you will find the safest and most robust environment to offer your assets. With a library of structuring, KYC/AML, banking operationalization, and a technological offering system compliant with CVM Instruction 88.


Simplify tokenized securities operations effortlessly, from asset structuring and issuance to management and trading.

Gain insights into the issuer from origination to closing. Access a personalized issuer portal to track investor activity, sign documents, confirm orders, and complete the capital raising process.

Unlock new funding avenues and increase liquidity through asset tokenization.

A fully integrated capital raising platform. Workflows and tools to support the entire asset lifecycle, from origination to closing. Our non-custodial blockchain software prioritizes user control, avoiding the storage of private keys or access to user funds in BLOCKBR escrows.


Private Businesses and Fintechs

Use our branded interface to create a personalized investor experience and build your own marketplace by integrating it directly into your base.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Tokenization offers SMEs access to broader investment markets, allowing them to raise capital efficiently and attract diverse investors.

Developers in Economic Sectors

Revolutionize financing in different sectors through asset tokenization. Streamline fundraising and offer investors accessible opportunities.

Companies with Substantial Community Involvement

Engage your community with asset tokenization, promoting a sense of ownership and participation.

Securitization and Asset Structuring Firms

Increased investor reach, asset portfolio retention, and interoperability for increased distribution.

Entrepreneurs Who Want to Create Fintechs

To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to understand that DREX will talk to tokens and the future of this is asset interoperability and breaking down geographical barriers.


Exceptional Product, Exceptional Features

Blockbr Whitelabel stands out as a distinct blockchain-based SaaS software, offering unparalleled features for managing tokenized assets.

Separate environments for issuers and investors

The solution offers two separate interfaces for asset and investor management. Investor functionality involves simplified interaction with tokens, while the management interface is a control panel for the issuer.

Interfaces separadas para emissores e investidores
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Tokenized shareholder registry

A tokenized shareholder registry is a digital and decentralized record of ownership using blockchain tokens. It ensures secure and transparent management of shareholder information, offering efficiency in tracking ownership transfers and voting rights.

Secure and compliant

The combination of legal compliance, immutability, and transparency offers a robust environment for various operations. A true gain in autonomy and operational efficiency.

Electronic documentation and signatures

Electronic documentation and signatures simplify processes by replacing traditional paperwork with digital documents, increasing efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and facilitating remote collaboration.

Decentralization begins with the autonomy to have your own tool

Blockchain autonomy allows users to conduct financial transactions independently, using their own private keys for full control of digital assets. Blockchain technology redefines the landscape, empowering individuals to participate in global transactions without the need for traditional banking institutions.

Dashboard BLOCKBR Whitelabel

Whitelabel Blockbr Simplifies Tokenization with Easy-to-Configure and Maintain Steps

Your dedicated workspace

A dedicated tokenization environment tailored to your specific operational needs, fully integrated.

Understand basic operations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of structuring and essential concepts for your offering.

Execute offering and monitor performance

Manage the execution of your token offering while observing performance metrics.

Manage your investors

Effectively manage and interact with your investors, ensuring transparent communication and fostering a strong investor-community relationship.

Facilitate trading by unlocking liquidity

Allow your tokenized assets to thrive in the digital marketplace.


Tokenized assets for clients

SD Industria LogoINDUSTRY

SD Industria

Tokenized fixed income for offering to investors. Liquidity and security validated from portfolios to the banking of the entire integrated operation.



Tokenization of CPR (Rural Producer's Certificate) in tokenized fixed income. Efficiency from the structure with greater liquidity in the offer.



Tokenization of CPR (Rural Producer's Certificate) in tokenized fixed income. Efficiency from the structure with greater liquidity in the offer.



Tokenization of CCB (Bank Credit Certificate) for real estate projects. Fixed monthly income payment distributed.



Tokenization of CPR (Rural Producer's Certificate) in tokenized fixed income. Efficiency from the structure with greater liquidity in the offer.

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