I want to do Asset Tokenization!

I want the infrastructure for tokenizing financial assets and real assets!

Do you have multiple operations and want to tokenize?

BLOCKBR works to provide solutions to the traditional financial market to accelerate operations that can bring more speed and greater results at all ends. Through 9 modules in blockchain, we bring punctual solutions for each type of operation.

Get to know some of the market players we are already working with:



Enabling type-specific solutions
product and profile profiles
of investors



Structuring operations for increased distribution channels and greater
liquidity within niches that are more difficult to access and less efficient.



Structuring individualized operations to prove more pocket-friendly
of the investor



Structuring different products in their origination for greater liquidity



Structuring banking operations that represent greater efficiency, speed, and financial results.

Support for token as a service (TAAS)

Do you have any doubt?

You can let us explain it to you.

First, it is necessary to answer the fundamental question: after all, what does it mean token ? In short, it is a digital representation of a real asset, that is, one that exists in the physical world.

Basically, it’s a technology based on blockchain able to digitize different assets and assets into “small parts” to facilitate their trading on the web.

Each token is governed by a smart contract (smart contract), which will determine the specific operating rules of the digitized asset. In addition, those involving securities, such as shares, need to be regulated by competent public bodies.

Everything can be tokenized, but not everything is interesting to be tokenized. Businesses such as loans, land, shares, multi-property properties, etc… They can generate good deals for the owners of the assets that will be tokenized and the investors that will buy the token.

BLOCKBR seeks to tokenize assets that have a reserve of value and market, are scalable and have competitive advantages, and include good collateral.

Each project is dependent on complexity from feasibility and structuring, to issuance and offering. If only in Brazil or abroad as well, understand in the next topic.

Everything at BLOCKBR starts with a business relationship, we seek to understand the feasibility and after that we charge a different fee for each project/asset for tokenization.

When the project and its structuring for the issuance of the token only in a primary offering are approved, we charge a percentage of the total value of the sale of the tokens in the success of the capture/operation.

If it is a super structured token, we created TOKENOMICS in which BLOCKBR will also win in tokens in the secondary market.

= Tokenomics is the token economy, it seeks to create an economic ecosystem supported by tokens where it supports itself. The token economy is meant to radically change the economic system across the world.

For this reason, we charge a percentage of the total sale value of the tokens and only if this sale is successful.

The vast majority of assets and assets can be tokenized.

In other words, both an enterprise and a five-reais note can be broken down into tokens. You can tokenize cars, equipment, intellectual property, financial products and more.

Generally, assets that are less liquid are those that benefit most from the tokenization process, such as real estate (even when still in the design phase), works of art and venture capital funds.

There are many other possibilities for tokens, such as those that give early access to some service or product.

Since virtually all assets can be tokenized, you just need to understand which ones will benefit you the most.

BLOCKBR Digital Assets tokenizes;

= Reserves of a monetary value – Payment token (Bitcoin)

= The right to use a service – Utility Token

= The right of ownership of a certain real asset – Asset Token

= The right to dividends – Security Token

= The right to vote in a company’s decisions – Equity Token

= Non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) subject to DEFI

Your tokens are safely stored in your BLOCKBR wallet. And you can even transfer them to any of your own wallets if you prefer.

The investment in tokens is safe from a technological and legal point of view, especially due to the blockchain, which works like an accounting book, that is, it concentrates all the information related to the transactions carried out.

To ensure that all transactions are duly fulfilled by the agreed parties, the blockchain also relies on Smart Contracts technology, which guarantee legal validation and give even more security to the tokenization process.

Strictly speaking, tokenization itself would have no restriction, as it boils down to transforming a real asset into a virtual asset. Depending on the actual asset type, there may be restrictions linked to the generating activity of the asset to be tokenized.